Symphony Solutions wins Health Tech Digital Awards 2021


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Symphony Solutions is announced the winner of Health Tech Digital Awards 2021 for the Best COVID-19 Solution for Community Care with the project Spoedtestcorona Application for Rapid COVID Testing

Health Tech Digital Award 2021 received a record number of applicants, and the winners were selected by the board members of Health Tech Digital. Symphony Solutions received high recognition for its contribution to addressing the global health crisis. 

“We have started on this project with Spoedtestcorona, understanding the important  mission to make Covid-19 testing accessible and affordable for companies and the  public. This award is a testament to all that we have accomplished in the last two years.  We will continue standing in the frontlines and fighting the good fight for the safety and  wellbeing of the community.“ 

– says Theo Schnitfink, CEO and Founder of Symphony Solutions 

Symphony Solutions has been working in close cooperation with Spoedtestcorona Nederland, a chain of testing centers for rapid Covid-19 testing, since 2019. Through leveraging cloud technologies, the company created an application that allows to register for the test and get results with minimal human contact necessary, manage sensitive medical data and deliver a scalable solution. Spoedtestcorona provides 15-minute screening tests to individuals and companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since their launch in the late 2020, they have made over 1.5 million tests across 35 testing facilities. Spoedtestcorona collaborates with Netherlands governmental portals and provided tests to schools, other institutions, and big public events. 

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