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Agile Assessment services

If Agile Transformation is the process of moving to a flat organization of small autonomous teams, open, adaptable, and engaged in continuous improvement, then Agile Assessment is the ignition to that process.

What is Agile Assessment?

Agile Transformation is a journey, not a destination. It can’t be accomplished once and for all but instead, you need to constantly work on improving your processes and adapting to the changing requirements. And the first step on your journey is Agile Assessment. 

Symphony consultants will help you see where you are at the moment, in terms of Agile transformation, and from that point design a plan how to improve your company’s Business Agility and decide on your specific needs to start practicing Agile methodologies, including Scrum, Kanban, and other frameworks. 

Start your Agility Journey

All consulting begins with an assessment. Since transformation to Agile is a huge time and emotional investment for an organization, Agile Assessment helps consultants gauge the company’s overall agility and whether its teams are using any Agile practices.  Then target areas of focus can be determined. 

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Why Assess for Agility?

Establish a baseline with Agile maturity assessment

Identify the starting point of your Agile transformation journey by having our experts analyze the structure and dynamics of your organization. Once you know where you’re standing, we can help you define the further steps necessary to improve your agility.

Establish a baseline with Agile maturity assessment

Agility assessment allows for more efficient planning for the future implementation of practices and tweaks to the overall culture and behaviors starting from team level to the entirety of the company.

Clear roadmap and plan of action

Agile team assessment evaluates team structure, agility of the activities performed, determines the team’s strengths and weaknesses. All the data is used to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Improved team performance

Agile culture assessment pushes the teams to focus on continuous improvement and delivering value. It is important to have everyone aligned to the company vision, yet able to quickly respond to changes in the market.

Culture ‘unity in diversity’
Culture ‘unity in diversity’
Culture ‘unity in diversity’
Culture ‘unity in diversity’
Culture ‘unity in diversity’

Types of Agile Assessment We Provide

Symphony Solutions’ LACE professionals, as ICAgile Authorized Providers of Agile Transformation services and SAFe Program Consultants, offer assistance in multiple areas for customers seeking how to improve.

One-time assessment

Our consultants will provide an insight on how your company is doing in terms of Agile maturity .

Ongoing assessment

Regular assessment over extended periods of time help to track your progress on your journey to agility. Measure your progress, detect your downfalls, identity areas for improvement and adjust your plan accordingly.

Particular area assessment

In some instances, you might need to take a closer look at a specific area of your interest (product, business unit, etc.

How to Perform an Agile Assessment with Symphony?

  • Establishment of mutually acceptable expectations and objectives for the assessment including levels of focus, meaning a team, a specific project, or the entire organization
  • Completion of a short survey for cross-check among random respondents in the target area, using an Agile assessment tool covering roles, teams, communication lines, reporting, backlog and culture. This provides a level of Scrum efficiency to assist consultants in the Assessment process
  • Next on the Agility assessment – an on-site meeting between the Symphony consultants and top management at the company as well as team members doing the daily work. One-on-one discussions and observations of routines give consultants a feel for the culture of the company, the attitudes, Agile maturity, and the company’s tolerance for change. These discussions also provide insight into operational anti-patterns, team pain points and organizational challenges
  • Agile Assessment Report 

Agile Assessment Report

Following the on-site visit, the organization receives a Report, covering key findings:

  • Baseline level of Agile maturity
  • Major improvement areas indicated
  • Action plan

The Action Plan will include some or all of the following:

  • Agile training courses
  • PI Planning
  • Implementation
  • Specialized coaching and support

Even if companies proceed with complete Agile Transformation through to Agile practices and Implementation, it is helpful to remember that Business Agility comes with time.

This is why the LACE (Lean Agile Center of Excellence) professionals at Symphony Solutions recommend regular assessments to gauge success, to see whether the company is experiencing continuous improvement and if Agile practices are in place, and whether teams require additional coaching.

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Agile Transformation Grows Revenue
Agile Transformation Grows Revenue
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