Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Service Providers Can Maximize Benefits of Cloud Migration

When a business adopts a cloud solution into their infrastructure, they will need to decide how and who will assume management responsibilities, 1) either their own IT teams, or 2) a managed service provider (MSP).

Because of the increasing complexity of cloud environments, an organization embarking on a cloud implementation for the very first time might be taking a big chance by doing it alone. A professional cloud managed service provider can alleviate cloud management obligations from a company’s IT team. Depending on the managed service provider, they can either offer full management of a cloud deployment or management of specific cloud services.

Symphony Solutions cloud management services can help your organization unlock fresh value, simplify complex cloud operations and infrastructure, understand how to get more from what you’ve already got running in the cloud, and consolidate further whenever possible to increase contributions from cloud managed services.



Cloud Managed Service Providers (MSP)

Matching the right cloud management strategy to the right organization can reduce the turmoil of what is typically a stressful IT transformation. For most, finding the right fit goes a long way toward achieving an organization’s ongoing success. Cloud managed service providers, such as Symphony Solutions, can help you navigate a bewilderingly complex range of cloud vendors, services, applications, SaaS solutions, storage providers, and platforms.

From startups to tech giants, the cloud ecosystem is complex and vast, with a market value currently worth nearly $200 billion. What every company needs to understand is how to gain the advantages and value they need from the cloud aligned around their goals and objectives, without being overwhelmed with layers of complexity, or by the temptation to jump on every new tech trend.

As an enterprise service provider of cloud managed services, Symphony Solutions knows how to align vendors and technologies around your goals and objectives.

How we can help you realize your cloud vision: Cloud Management Options

Managed cloud providers can and should offer choices for every client. Learn what sort of cloud management arrangement would most benefit your organization.

Public, private, or a hybrid cloud

The future will be domi­nated by hybrid IT environments, with hybrid cloud spending expected to nearly triple from 2016 to 2021. Data center environments will not go away entirely. Housing workloads it makes no sense to move is not wise; while, the rest of the workloads move to public and private clouds. This means future environments will become more complex, requiring help from MSPs who pos­sess a broader range of skills, resources and manage­ment models.

Сloud Managed Services with Symphony Solutions

Companies benefiting from the cloud MSP environment solutions can leverage a new understanding of cloud provisions, greater speed, flexibility and agility with the help of Symphony Solutions.

Save your company time, money and resources, with clearer, simpler and more cost-effective cloud provisions. Make it easier to innovate using cloud solutions. Benefit from fresh thinking and a new approach.


CloudOps is an extension of modern DevOps, with a focus purely on ensuring that mission-critical cloud operations are working at peak efficiency. Our best practices and procedures maintain and upgrade cloud-based architecture, systems, storage, security and applications, to give your organization every advantage.

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