Design services


Design Services’ end goal is to provide clients with products whose functionality is smooth, whose look addresses target aspirations, and which create competitive leverage versus alternatives. In order to reach that goal, a multi-pronged process including research, development and testing is undertaken prior to implementation. That process is user-centric, co-creative, and holistic to bring memorable experiences for customers

The Product Design Studio works with clients to create user experiences which distinguish products and cement customers to client brands. As a product design company, Symphony Solutions can drive engagement and enhance product value, and our collaborative ethic often results in long-term value for clients’ products.



Design Expertise

Our design teams come from varied professional backgrounds, whose collective aesthetic combines to bring life to our clients’ products and applications. The Product Design Studio gives workshops in Western Europe and speaks regularly at industry events to highlight effective process, customer engagement, and the positive results that ensue.

Service Design
Defines the relationship between your company and your customers. It synthesizes the people's needs with what is technically feasible with business strategy, to enhance customer value.
Product Design Services
A cross-functional discipline aimed at creating digital products. It’s a method of creating from idea to implementation, continues iterating and testing your solutions to make valuable products and the customer’s experience better.
Cross-Platform Experience Design
Gives users a consistent omni-channel experience, the ability to change devices and still accomplish the same tasks.
Web and Mobile App Design
Designing successful interfaces based on platform or device limitation and specific guidelines, content priority, user behavior and way of interaction within a platform and context of use. UX services are a core part of what we offer, improving the design experience for businesses and end-users.
UX/UI Design
Embodies a holistic approach that focuses on a deep understanding of user needs. The team creates solutions that are functional and intuitive. UI services are often included in UX design services.
Corporate Branding
Helps your company establish a unique presence in the marketplace, by using research-supported data to develop an image which taps user aspirations and binds them to the brand.

Product Design Process

The Symphony Solutions design process provides documented outcomes from every phase. From discovery to implementation, through to participatory client workshops, interactive prototypes and usability testing. Product design cost is clarified up-front.

New Product Design Lifecycle

Phase 1: Making a New Product Work

  • Discovery Workshops and User Research
  • Information Architecture and UX Strategy
  • Wireframes
  • Interactive Prototypes
  • Usability Testing

Phase 2: Creating the Design

  • Products Visual Language, Messaging and Branding
  • UI Guidelines and Design System
  • Graphic Interface
  • UI Animation and Motion
  • Support the development team

Benefits of Design Services

Join other businesses in benefiting from our decade of web, mobile, UI and UX design service experiences. This allows us to employ design practices and сo-create value together to grow your business. Clients benefit from clear and efficient communication at every stage of the process, providing increased transparency and timely results.

Service Design

Understanding your service and customer experience. This way, solutions are designed that meet customer needs at every touchpoint.

Product Design

Creating clear holistic and vivid vision of a product, then test and approve to ensure relevance to target.

Design Sprint

Answering critical questions with hypotheses tested in under a week, focused on reducing the time spent on design and delivery, increasing your ROI.

UX Audit

Analyzing actionable recommendations to improve your product and how people interact with it.

How We Deliver