Team Augmentation Leveraging Nigerian Market Presence

Team Augmentation Leveraging Nigerian Market Presence

Industry: iGaming
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Optimal Tech Stack Implementation
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Symphony Solutions provides team augmentation services to help complement your team with top-tier professionals and set your project up for success. A key aspect of this type of engagement is finding the right fit technically and culturally. The KTO Group’s company culture promotes empathy, integrity, and respect amongst its own people and for its customers. It encourages passion and creativity with regards to product development. One of the company’s core values and guiding principles is ´to find a better way.

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KTO stands for ´Know The Odds´. The KTO Group is a global gambling operator, with offices in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. They have a brand presence in Brazil, Peru, Vietnam, and in Asia as a wider geographic focus, and it is soon to launch in Chile.

The KTO technology platform is built in-house. It creates custom user experiences for its end customers, with a focus on delivering the very best online experiences across all touchpoints. The underlying goal is to develop innovative products and bring these to market quickly, being leaders rather than followers.


The CTO of the KTO Group required the creation of ring-fenced teams to work on discrete innovative products. The client provided a list of modern front-end and back-end technology choices. Symphony Solutions was required to provide input on talent pool sizes and salary ranges to narrow down the final technology stack to be used by the client.

Time to hire, candidate quality and competitive pricing were key factors when agreeing upon the sourcing strategy.


Symphony Solutions’ proven team augmentation engagement model was used, focusing on leveraging our local presence in the Nigerian market.

Nigeria was chosen as the time to hire is short at an average of only two to four weeks, the candidate pool is extremely large, and the quality of candidates is high whilst being able to offer competitive market prices. On top of this, the time zone in Nigeria allowed for an easy overlap with the client who is based in Malta.

Candidates were pre-screened and tested for remote first qualities, internet connectivity, and communication skills. In addition, our standardized tests for English Language, Cultural Fit, and Technical Ability were used for all candidates.

Technology choice

The major tech stack used in the project is JAVA/Hibernate/Postgres for the backend and ReactJS and WordPress on the frontend.

The project is a sports betting product; work is also being done on virtuals and live casino offerings. In addition, we are working on player activity reporting and tracking features.


The team augmentation project is currently in progress with positions being sourced and filled.

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