Managed Team

Team Extension / Managed Team / Offshore Development Center

Software engineering partners can help to augment your staff, accelerate delivery, or provide expertise in certain technology. Several different engagement options are available depending on where you are in your development process. 

Managed Team Approach

Team Extension

If a company has teams in place and a software development process underway, sometimes additional pre-specified roles are needed to augment your staff. This could be for any of the following reasons:

  • Need for rapid increase in throughput
  • Need to close important short-term work under demanding deadlines
  • Need for lower-cost, high performance specialty roles,

If this is the case, Your Outsourcing Partner provides the following:

  • Identified specialists whose experience, skill and technology correspond to industry standards
  • Recruiting to fill specified roles
  • On-time, clear and extensive time reporting as proof of work
  • Internal Management and supervision (SDM – Service Delivery Manager) to confirm performance of staff as committed
  • Commodity services such as office space, internet, IT security
  • Paperwork — contracts, payroll, and other legal documents

As such, the assigning company controls the following:

  • Product Architecture
  • Entire SDLC process
  • Setting requirements, functional and non-functional
  • Tooling and licenses to support development (ex: Jira, Git, Visual Studio)
  • Quality process (strategy) and approach
  • Development methodology, ex: agile, waterfall, TDD, BDD
  • Release process
  • Results acceptance

Managed Team

This option is most relevant when a company has longer-term projects and wants full-time team involvement.  The longer project duration makes the team more valuable as they gain expertise in your domain and provide the increased capacity and talent you need.

You will have an Agile, cross-functional team of around 7 people, including front-end and back-end developers, manual and automation testers supported by DevOps team, and an assigned Scrum Master to set up the Agile process and provide coaching along the way. All are 100% dedicated to your business.

Offshore Development Center

Later, we can scale services to three or more Managed Teams using Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).  All our team members and Scrum Masters are SAFe certified.

This model gives you flexibility if business requirements change, sudden scaling is needed, or even if the project is put on hold.  As such, this approach is the most effective and affordable option for most clients.

Ownership and responsibilities by customer and outsourcing company for Managed Teams are allocated similarly to Team Extension, but for ODC, some of the product architecture, SDLC process, functional and non-functional requirements, release process and a few others may be shared for the best outcome.

The ODC is a popular business model for different kinds of companies including startups and enterprise companies. This model has been used for various business processes and services such as the creation and maintenance of solutions and software, project management, testing, migration, and technical or customer support.

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