Support Ukraine

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Symphony Solutions has launched a series of charity initiatives aimed at supporting the people in Ukraine affected by this brutal unprovoked attack. 

This is our contribution to the fight for peace and justice. 

profits donated
almost 1 mln eur raised

Stand by Ukraine charity foundation 

Stand by Ukraine is a charity foundation dedicated to providing immediate humanitarian and emergency aid to the people of Ukraine: 

  • Humanitarian sets for vulnerable groups of people 
  • Medical and protective clothing and equipment 
  • Supporting shelters 
page dattalion


Dattalion ‘data battalion’ is an initiative that works with the global media to bring the truth – documented in photos and video footage – and raise awareness of russia’s war crimes in Ukraine. Dattalion has created a free and easy-to-access database of videos, photos, and eyewitness testimony from the frontlines. 


Supporting Unbroken National Rehabilitation Center 

Symphony Solutions was one of the very first IT companies in Ukraine to support the Unbroken National Rehabilitation Center.

  • Donated funds and profits 
  • Purchased essential medical and rehabilitation equipment 
  • Funded two bionic hand prostheses for “Unbroken” soldiers injured on the frontlines
page rebuild UA


Symphony Solutions joined the project RebuildUA to help record wartime damages to the civil infrastructure in Ukraine. The collected satellite imaging and records help provide reliable data reports and share the results with communities, public authorities, and specialized foundations, which will be crucial in rebuilding Ukraine in the future. 

offices turn in to shelters

Offices turned into shelters 

Symphonians volunteer

Symphonians volunteer 

Unity Fund / Symphony Care Package

Unity Fund / Symphony Care Package