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Agile Consulting
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Let Symphony Solutions’ skilled Agile change agents consult with your company and coach your teams toward a faster and more effective work style. The coaches do one-on-one and group support, until your teams are self-sustaining.

Agile Consulting Services

The pace of digital disruption has been causing organizations to adapt or get left in the wake, which is the main reason that organizations are increasingly seeking companies that provide Agile consultancy services to help them build up their Agile maturity and increase speed and quality of production. 

Symphony Solutions puts years of industry experience and certifications into its consulting and coaching services. Our goal is to help organizations improve their internal processes as well as their approach to work and gain the expertise they need in order to become a true Agile-oriented company. To adopt the best Agile practices companies can seek consulting and coaching on the organization, team or individual level. 


What does an Agile Consultant do?

An Agile Consultant comes into picture when either there is a problem or obstacle on the Agile journey or at the very beginning of transformation to guide the company through the unknown. They start with assessing the current level of Agile adoption and then devise further steps to be taken. Depending on the particular issues, the consultant may assume various roles: from an educational mission of introducing Agile knowledge to an organization, helping choose the right project management software tools to setting up the process and utilizing Agile frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, etc.) that are the best fit for particular needs of the client, and finally facilitating a more fundamental shift like transformation of entire corporate culture and people mindset. 

Agile Coaching and Agile Consultancy

Agile Coaching

is about assisting people in a co-creative process, when they have experienced some degree of success but need to climb out of stagnancy. Agile coaches choose a more casual and informal way of cooperation, engage in effective listening, support, and help in personal development. The focus of coaching is often for a longer time period than consulting.

Agile Coaching

is always about offering expertise through observation and analysis and then providing recommendations. The primary focus is to understand an issue quickly and offer reasonable solutions. Some see consulting as a shorter-term specialty, where the consultant’s wisdom and insight can make a deep imprint at a given time; whereas, coaching is viewed as a more personal and on-going process.

Agile Consulting
Agile Consulting
Agile Consulting

Agile Consulting Types

Agile Business Consulting

When implemented throughout the organization from the top down, Agile positively transforms the way a business works, shifting the focus to delivering results and catering to the users’ needs. It puts client satisfaction as top priority and therefore gives the business a strong competitive advantage on the market.

Agile Software Consulting

Applied to software development, the Agile approach can help deliver results faster and more consistently, keep right on track with the latest industry trends, and create software that is best for the client.

Levels of Agile Coaching

Leadership Coaching

A company can only go as far as the leadership’s vision. That’s why, if you want the Agile principles to penetrate your company, it may be beneficial to have the change go from the top down. Leadership coaching introduces the top level of business to the concepts of the approach and oversees them through implementing it further down the company hierarchy. We strive to create an Agile leadership that lives and leads by example.

Establishing the core values and principles on the team level makes up the foundation for the successful Agile transformation of the entire company. In some cases, team coaching may be applied pointwise to test if the principles are viable for this particular organization, market or project specifics, team composition, etc. Thus, team coaching places the focus on the smallest organizational structure within the company – an Agile team. 

Once Agile is implemented on a singular team level and shows good results, it can be scaled up to tens, hundreds, and even thousands of teams, distributed across locations.  

What can Agile Consultancy and Agile Coaching Services do for Your Business?

Demands on organizations for greater speed to market mean they need to change how they view management and move towards more Agile teams. This often leads an organization to reach out to an Agile consulting company for guidance and support. To help businesses accomplish Agile transformation on the company level, Symphony Solutions’ LACE program consultants are fully engaged in Agile Consulting and Coaching throughout an organization’s Agile Journey, from Assessment to Training and finally to Implementation.  

Their work also includes scaling, owing to the growth of the organization or to the expansion of Agile practices to a larger number of internal teams.  

The Symphony Solutions consultants seem more like Agile coaches when they assist PI Planning, conduct pilot sprints during Implementations, support teams and individual members as their comfort with new tools and processes grows, and even as they return after a period of absence to help teams through a rough spot or with further scaling. The coach is skilled in both individual and team support, and it is not unusual to do both.  

The best Agile coaches do their work, penetrate as deeply as needed, but skillfully reduce their coaching as carefully and quickly as the situation allows, such that the teams can self-sustain as independent units.