Symphony Solutions

Symphony Solutions is an international operating IT-services company with its Headquarters based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and delivery centers in Ukraine, Macedonia, and Poland. We provide our Western European and American/Canadian clients with high-quality IT, BPO, and Consultancy services. Having the delivery centers based in Eastern Europe, the clients automatically leverage all the significant benefits that Global Sourcing could provide. At Symphony Solutions we adopt Agility as part of our corporate culture. We strongly believe that it is impossible to just DO Agile within projects. Therefore, we have transformed our whole organization to BE Agile. Each part of our company implements Agile practices in the every possible way, including our recruiting, HR and Leadership team. For more information, visit: CIO Bulletin’s review of 50 Best Workplace to Watch 2017 recognized international IT company for its unique culture, redefined workplace, and employee relationship management Lviv, UKR (January 2018) – It is our pleasure to share the news about Symphony Solutions having been named to CIO Bulletin’s Review 50 Best Workplaces to Watch 2017. The review of the tech magazine rewarded Symphony Solutions for the unique culture, redefined workplace, and employee relationship management. Symphony Solutions is an Agile-driven organization with a unique culture which is built on trust. The company strives to provide its employees with the maximum level of comfort to keep them proactive and motivated. Symphony Solutions redefined the meaning of the workplace by incorporating “same desk policy” to eliminate the hierarchical structure of the traditional corporate world. Innovative hiring practice known as “colleagues choose colleagues” ensures retaining the best talents on the market who are the right cultural fit for the company. All these activities are supported by Employee Relationships Management department, who is in charge of establishing warm and long-term relationships with Symphonians and support them on their career path at the company. The CEO at Symphony Solutions, Theo Shnitfink explains that “when you value your people, treat them with respect and provide them with the best working conditions, you become capable of attracting the right and best talent in the industry. And when you have the best talent, you can also get the best customers and projects for the company.”